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Sometimes it’s art, not powerpoint and cold facts, that gets a point across.

WILD does that with such power and charm

Conference feedback

We have adapted WILD to work perfectly in conference settings, meaning we require minimal stage space, and can also be flexible with run times.

Our ideal slot is 45 minutes, but can be squeezed to 30 minutes (this is our minimum) or take the stage for 1 hour.

Tech wise we require use of the conference projector, 2 handheld microphones & venue sound system, and can discuss our requirements with venue or conference technicians.

As it focusses on personal stories, birth terminology & birth culture, WILD brings conference themes to life. And it’s also BRILLIANT fun, meaning that it can bring an injection of energy & laughter to a heavy day of learning & discussion.

Gentle audience interaction ensures that delegates stay engaged whilst exploring important issues, from birth trauma to birth in the media.

Please contact us to discuss bringing WILD and/or STITCH to your event.

Just when we were all lagging at the end of a long conference, these two came on stage and lit up the room... should be performed at every antenatal class for an honest and important look at how we use language and imagery around birth
— Conference feedback